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3 high school students outside the dance, ready for the prom, showing off their tuxedo and suit rentals

9 Essentials for Your Prom Tuxedo or Suit Rental

high school prom

Prom is a major highlight for high school juniors and seniors. It’s a time to look and feel your best as you dance the night away and make memories that last a lifetime.

The key to your prom outfit? Your tuxedo or suit!

In the whirlwind of excitement leading up to the big night, getting your prom attire right is essential. Here’s how to cover all the bases with your tux or suit rental so that you’re guaranteed to dazzle.

1. The Jacket that Sets the Tone

Your jacket is the first thing people notice, and the principal part of your prom look. There’s a variety of styles to choose from – the classic black is always a winner, a navy blue adds a touch of sophistication, while gray can make a real statement.

Tailoring is key, opting for a slim fit jacket that complements your body shape and gives a sharp silhouette. Or a traditional cut with more room to dance and move. Be sure to check for subtle details like the fabric sheen, lapel shape and size, and the number of buttons. Together this small nuances can make a big difference in your final look.

2. Smart Pants for Sharp Look

Your pants should match the style and color of your jacket for a cohesive look. Generally, prom-goers lean away from satin striped tuxedo pants, towards more fitted pans with a flat front. Making a well-fitted and comfortable pair in either a slim or regular cut.

Don’t forget the length. Pants should hit the top of your shoe with a slight break at the front to show off your chosen footwear. Remember, it’s all in the details.

3. The Perfect Shirt, Off to a Good Start

The right shirt can often be the unsung hero of a good suit. For a modern twist, choose a black or patterned microfiber shirt. Or stick with a classic and pick a white shirt with a standard spread collar.

Once again, the fit is crucial. The shirt shoulders should end where your shoulders do. And your cuffs should peek out about half an inch below the jacket sleeve.

4. Vested Interest in Your Look

The vest serves as your blank canvas for a burst of color or texture. It’s your chance to make a statement with formality and sophistication when you shed your jacket at the prom.

You’ll score some serious style points when you coordinate colors with your date’s dress. It’s easy to do when you choose from our over 250 options in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns.

5. Tying It All Together with a Tie

Your choice of tie can drastically alter the mood of your ensemble. Go more traditional with a bowtie, or more contemporary with a long tie. Be sure to pair them with a color and pattern that compliments your vest and matches her dress. Or show off your personality with a color and style that’s all your own.

With over 500 options to choose from, there’s no shortage of ways to tie this detail together, quite literally.

6. Taking a Step in the Right Shoes

The importance of the right shoes can’t be overstated. Your shoes should complement the formality of the event and coordinate with your suit or tuxedo’s color. A classic choice would be black patent leather, but you can also switch things up with a brown suit boot or cognac dress shoe.

You’ll be on your feet most of the night so don’t forget that comfort is key. Ensure you get the right fit and width so you can dance the night away.

7. An Unmistakable Accent with the Pocket Square

Add a dramatic touch to your ensemble. The flash of color and fold of your pocket square can say a lot about your style. Opt for a simple square fold to keep it chic, or go for something more dramatic like the puff or the crown fold for a look that’s a bit more undone. The key is to choose a style that reflects your personal taste.

8. Cuff Links – Simple, but Significant

Add a touch of elegance to your shirt with timeless cuff links. They’re small but can be mighty in the impact they make on your overall look and your shirt’s appearance.

Choose a pair that is not only stylish but also easy to manage (we include a pair in silver or gold for you). Or, you could make a statement with your own pair in colored enamel or semi-precious stones.

9. Stud-y Up for a Complete Look

Add a final touch to your formalwear look with button studs on your dress shirt. Smaller than your cufflinks, they are typically made of the same material to match. These understated yet essential items keep your tuxedo look polished and complete, ensuring that every aspect of your attire has been carefully considered and wonderfully executed.

Make Your Prom Unforgettable with formalwear from The Black Tie.

Book your perfect look today, and enjoy your special night of elegance and style. With our help, you’re sure to stand out at the biggest event on the high school calendar.