Submit Your Tuxedo Measurements Online

If you live out of town and are unable to visit Black Tie & Bridal Lace in person please use this form to submit your tuxedo measurements.

All tuxedo measurements should be submitted 3 to 5 weeks prior to the event date. Your tuxedo will be prepared according to the provided measurements.

To ensure a proper fit…

  • Get sized for your tuxedo at a full service tuxedo shop.
    Shops located in malls, men’s clothing stores and bridal shops are NOT full service. You can locate a shop near you by visiting This is called a “courtesy measurement” and will be done for you at no charge. 
  • Print this form and have the tuxedo shop fill it out.
  • Submit your tuxedo measurements directly to us via this web site.
    Please do not fax measurements.
  • Visit Black Tie & Bridal Lace, at the date and time provided to the groom, and try on the tuxedo.
    Any possible, necessary adjustments will be made at that time

A properly fitted tuxedo is our goal. Failure to provide measurements taken by a full service tuxedo shop may result in our inability to meet that goal.

Payment is required at time of tuxedo pickup.

Thank You.

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