Tuxedo Rental

At Black Tie and Bridal Lace, we take the guesswork out of picking a tuxedo. You don’t have to look into a catalog and imagine what your tuxedo will look like. We will show you!

With a full inventory of tuxedos on site, our friendly staff will help you “build” the tuxedo of your choice.

Come into Black Tie & Bridal Lace today and choose…

  • Any style of tuxedo coat
  • Any vest (250+ colors in stock)
  • Any tie (530+ colors in stock)

and we’ll put them together on a mannequin until you find the perfect combination.

Whether your theme is rustic, vintage, formal, traditional, casual, or outside the box; we have the perfect men’s wear for your affair.

With tuxedo rentals starting at just $59 we have something for every budget.

View a sample of our tuxedo collection below.